Welcome! And relaxed you’ve decided to join us for the 10th edition of Maltstock!

Simply follow the steps below, answer a few questions, select your most relaxed payment option and your ticket will come to you by e-mail. For more information on our options, please scroll down.

Please note: Unfortunately the cabins are sold out for Maltstock 2018. All other tickets are still available!

Ticket options

Maltstock is an all inclusive weekend. Two nights accommodation are included. But if you feel it’s more relaxed to sleep elsewhere, that’s also an option. Please make sure you select the correct ticket option:

If you would like to have a bed at Maltstock, there are two options:

  • a bed in one of our dorms (“Maltstock 2018” ticket)
  • book a cabin Unfortunately the cabins are sold out for Maltstock 2018

Bedlinnen is required by the venue. You can either bring your own (“No bedlinnen” ticket) or rent it from the venue (“bedlinnen” ticket). 

If you prefer to sleep elsewhere, that is not a problem.

You can arrange your own sleeping accommodation and you’ll get a discount on the Maltstock ticket. There is a campsite nearby, hotels a bit further away. Of course you then select the “Maltstock 2018 - no accommodation” ticket.

Promotion codes

if you have a promotion code, simply enter it in the payment stage and the discount will be applied.

Right, time to get started and get relaxed! See you September 7th 2018. And if you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Booking Fee/ Transaction costs

To make things relaxed we offer different payment methods. iDeal, BanContact, Sofort and Credit Cards. Different costs apply to different payment methods. (look below) And there is a handling fee per ticket of € 0,91 per ticket. So ordering with iDeal will cost you € 1,38 for the first ticket and € 0,91 for every next ticket. 

  • iDeal: € 0,47 per transaction
  • MisterCash / Bancontact: € 0,25 + 1,75% per transaction
  • Sofortbanking: € 0,41 + 1,00%
  • CreditCards: This is different for different cards, countries, etc. Please click on summary to check.