Program 2017

[2018 to be announced in june 2018]

What a relaxed line-up we had for you the 9th edition of Maltstock. As always there was plenty of food, music, and whisky! There were no less than 10 master-classes to choose from, plus the campfire tasting, and there were speed tastings this year too! 




We have had no less than 10 different masterclasses for you to choose from. All masterclasses are included in the ticket. Once you’ve bought your ticket you receive a link to let us know your preferences. We will allocate all available seats as relaxed as we can. You will get at least two masterclasses, plus of course the campfire tasting.


Inverhouse / Lukasz

Loch Lomond Group / Donald


Macallan / Sietse & Bram


Whisky Quiz

Friday evening we have our brilliant pub-style whisky quiz. How much utterly silly whisky facts do you know? Team up with fellow whisky enthusiasts and join the fun, what that’s what’s it all about. This year’s quiz is hosted by the man who has been doing whisky quizzes when most of you probably weren’t even drinking whisky: Michael Lord from the Whisky Shop Dufftown! And for the winning team there’s a very relaxed prize! A special tasting SMWS tasting with Hans Offringa.

Morning Walk

The Maltstock venue is set in a beautiful nature area. On Saturday morning, after breakfast we do a nice relaxed morning walk. Your guides this year are Dennis and Jan. A detox. Or maybe a retox.



Always a highlight at the Maltstock weekend, the campfire. How relaxed is it to all come together around a big fire. It has become a relaxed tradition to have a tasting at the campfire. A tasting everyone can attend. And what a tasting we have for you this year! Mark and Cameron from Cadenhead’s are coming over to let have you all taste a few of the Cadenhead’s whiskies. And I’m sure they’ll have a story or two to tell as well.


Speed tastings

On Saturday we'll have "speed tastings".
Something different. Just a small group of people (max 12) and one brand ambassador and 10 minutes to tell a story and pour a nice dram. Small, intimate, relaxed. These tastings are on a first come first serve base. No reservations possible, just show up on time.

14:00 - 15:00 - 16:00   Tony / Glenfiddich  

14:20 - 15:20 - 16:20   Sietse / Macallan

14:40 - 15:40 - 16:40   Bram / Highland Park


The Pint Midnight Café

At night we have the midnight cafe where you can party till late. Music, bar and relaxed people, what’s not to like.


Win 6 nights in three of the most relaxed whisky bars in Scotland!

Last year one lucky person won this very relaxed prize in our raffle. This year you all will have a another chance. Well, if you have a ticket for Maltstock of course.



Full Proof

Maltstock just wouldn’t be the same without Full Proof. Jeroen has been with us every single edition. And it makes us very relaxed to have him back again this year. As always Jeroen will bring some amazing bottles from his private collection. A fantastic opportunity to try the best whiskies from past and present. As we’re sure you’ll understand, these whiskies won’t be for free (but with the way Jeroen prices them , they almost feel for free).

The Whisky Mercenary

This small independent bottler from Belgium has gained a big reputation with his excellent bottlings



Those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting Inge before knows the magic she does with whisky and food. She wows us every time. We’re very happy that Inge will join us again this year. Although we should probably start our diet now…


Scottish Breakfast

Wullie and his team from the Hielander restaurant in Alkmaar (NL)will get up early every morning to make sure you all have the best possible start of the day. A true proper Scottish breakfast, made by a true Scottish chef!

Diner & Lunch

All the food at Maltstock is included. Friday evening we’ll have freshly made pizza’s for you. On Saturday there’s an amazing BBQ. Of course lunch is also included. There’ll be plenty of soup and sandwiches available the whole afternoon.



All the drinks are included at Maltstock and available at the bar at the gathering area. All weekend there’s coffee, tea, beer, wine, soda and water.


The heart of Maltstock is The Whisky.Auction Square. A relaxed open air square where everyone gathers to relax and enjoy. We ask every Maltstock visitor to bring whisky to share and enjoy. The gathering area is where all these whiskies can be found. There will be hundreds of whiskies to choose from, to share and enjoy with old and new friends.

Chichibu / Yumi & Tatsuya

Creative Whisky Company


Single Cask Nation / Joshua

Adelphi / Lucy

Elixir Distillers / Mariella

Glengoyne / Kenny

Gordon Macphail / Steven




“The coolest, hottest band on earth!”

Koud van buiten, warm van binnen. Laat uw hart smelten door:

Kees Kelvin: bas, akoestische gitaar & zang

Jos The Yeti: akoestische gitaar & zang

Petr Permafrost: accordeon & zang