Maltstock Shop

Maltstock 2020 is from 11 - 13 September. Look at our options below and order your tickets.

Maltstock is an all inclusive whisky weekend. This means you can eat, drink, and sleep at the Maltstock venue and these things are included with our standard ticket. Administrative and transaction costs are also included in the ticket price. Click on our FAQ section below or have a look at our “Program“ and “What is Maltstock“ sections for more information about what is included.

For people who would like to sleep at Maltstock we have 2 ticket options: With or without bedlinnen. Bedlinnen is compulsory at the Maltstock venue, but you can bring your own. And don’t forget to bring blankets or a sleeping bag. 

Would you like a more private Maltstock experience? Renting a cabin or staying your own tent will be relaxed for you. 

For people who would like to stay elsewhere, for example in a hotel or at a camping site, we offer a ticket without accommodation. Of course the extra costs you have to make regarding a hotel room, or camping spot are not included in the all inclusive ticket price. 


To make use of our Early bird offer (€25 discount on every ticket before the 1st of October 2019) please use the offer code ‘eb20’ at the end of the ordering process (after choosing a payment method). The discount will be applied then.