Relaxed Whisky Weekend

Maltstock is a relaxed whisky weekend. We start Friday afternoon and everybody stays on site until Sunday after breakfast. We have accommodation on site, so you don't have to go anywhere. Because we don't have sessions of just a few hours, there's plenty of time to just sit down and enjoy great whisky. And meet old and new friends. Relaxed isn't it? What also is relaxed is that it's an all inclusive weekend.

Camp fire.jpg


We like things relaxed.  So Maltstock is an all inclusive weekend.

Included is:
- 2 nights accommodation in dorms
- A terrific Scottish breakfast both mornings made by The Hielander Scottish restaurant
- 2 dinners (freshly made piza on friday and a relaxed BBQ on Saturday)
- Lunch en fruits during the Saturday
- Midnight snacks
- All drinks during the weekend (cofffee, tea, soft drinks, beers)
- Whisky! There's a big share and enjoy table where you can freely enjoy the whisky everyone brings. 
- Masterclases. everyone will get to attend 2 or 3 masterclasses
- Campfire including a tasting
- A retox walk through the beautiful nature surrounding the Maltstock venue
- A pub-style whisky quiz with some great prizes
- Midnight cafe to dance the night away
- Lot's of very relaxed likeminded whisky enthusiasts

There's also a big raffle with amazing prizes to be won. Raffle tickets obviously not included. And Jeroen Koetsier will be present with his fantastic collection of amazing bottles, which he will be offering by the dram for very relaxed prizes



Every year we have some truly amazing masterclasses, the people hosting the masterclass know what crowd they can expect. The masterclasses are free and everyone will get t attend at least 2, but often 3. One of the beautiful things about Maltstock is that the industry people usually stay the weekend to enjoy Maltstock just like any other visitor. There's plenty of time to have a talk and share a dram with them


Share have fun
and enjoy

At Maltstock you will actually have time to sit down and share and enjoywhisky with old and new friends. 

Maltstock is all about fun, sharing and enjoying. The unique thing about Maltstock is that every visitor brings whisky to Maltstock he\she wants others to taste. These bottles visitors place on large tables, which results in 200+ open bottles free to try, taste and enjoy.