Maltstock people


Maltstock is made possible by many people. Maltstock people. They come from everywhere and from every imaginable different background. But, they have one thing in common: They are very Relaxed!!




Our guests are the core of Maltstock! Whisky enthusiasts, distillery folk, blenders, marketeers... It's the guests who really make Maltstock what it is.



Maltstock would not exist without our great team of volunteer crew. These people with their (somewhat weird) fascination for making other people happy and comfortable, and building a great party, are at the core of our event!

Claudia, Emiel, Emile, Gerard, Hanna, Henk, Jurgen, Lita, Marco, Matt, Miranda, Nol, Peter, Sebastiaan, Thomas, Valentijn.





Her uncrowned royal relaxedness of Maltstock, Annette is responsible for guest contacts together with Stan, coordinating the volunteer crew with Coot and loads of other stuff like safety. Yes, we care! Annette is also the organising team member with the best nose for... well any drink will do actually. But whisky and wine are preferred.


Big Bob (or Little John, whichever you prefer) is one of the two founders of Maltstock. Together with Teun he thought of this wonderful idea. Now he's one of the tech guy's responsible for the website and all the technical stuff that needs to be arranged for Maltstock. Among many other relaxed things of course.


In real life relaxedly retired, Klaas is our sponsor contact guru. People have been mistaking him for an Islay resident, but we are very glad that, although he is well known in Scotland, he relaxedly resides

in the Netherlands and is part of our organising team. Want anything or anyone to be put into perspective... Go to Klaas! Lekker moeder!


We have never seen a man in a more permanent state of "relaxed good mood" than Stan! Squeezing Maltstock into his hugely busy agenda, we are glad he finds the time to be part of our Guest contact team, together with Annette. Any Questions? Turn to Stan and he will provide you with a relaxed and joyful answer. He also chooses the colour of our polo shirt.


Teun (relaxed) van Wel is one of the two founders of Maltstock. In real life he is relaxed as well! Teun is responsible for our sponsor contacts, together with Klaas and, among other things, the Maltstock Program. In a relaxed way of course. Travel agent by trade, he runs his own company next to Maltstock. Teun is very relaxed about this and many, many other things!