Relax and enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding Maltstock.



Sint Walrickweg 9,
6611 KG Overasselt

Maltstock will take place at het Buitencentrum in Overasselt (near Nijmegen). It is a former scouting place which offers enough space and all necessary facilities for a relaxed event like Maltstock. Usually people rent parts of het Buitencentrum. Maltstock rents it all for you to offer the most relaxed experience to our guests. It is located in a nature reserve park de Haterse Vennen and is easily reachable. Maltstock is all inclusive weekend and we will make sure that you will get plenty of good food and drinks



Here's an overview of the most important features of the Maltstock location:

Schermafdruk 2018-08-30 16.57.29.png


- Outdoor Whisky Gathering area

- Sleeping areas, varying in size (bunkbeds)

- Various Masterclass areas

- Industry area


- Chillout areas both inside and outside

- Quiz\big indoor area

- Campfire area

- Midnight Cafe


- Lots of nice & clean toilets

- Showers

- More privacy in cabins

- Parking area



Sleeping at Maltstock in dorms

We offer sleep accommodation on site in the form of dorms. The dorms vary in size and we try to put groups of friends together. In the dorms you'll sleep in bunkbeds. Sleeping at the Maltstock dorms is the true Maltstock experience, you won't sleep much, but we really recommend this option! It's fun


A more private Maltstock experience


360 View



Would you like a more private Maltstock sleeping experience? Then the cabin option will be relaxed for you! With a minimum of two people the cabins are available for you. Please visit the shop for more information on this option. One last thing, the cabins sell out really quickly.


If you want to take a look around, you can find a 360 degrees view of the venue by clickin on the button below.